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Sunday, 6 March 2016

reboot.bat is run - Buddha in da haus metempsychosis

」get nice and good before you dance yrself clean

"And He Walked On Down the Hall" digital art by trying_to_care.  Desert scene with multi-coloured amorphous blob in center.
"And He Walked On Down the Hall" Heavymind digital piece by trying_to_care.
  Literal description: Desert scene with multi-coloured amorphous blob in center. 

『  "It takes knowledge to understand others, but it needs a clear mind to know oneself. It takes strength to surpass others, but it requires a strong will to surpass oneself." - Laozi   

『   It's never too late to pick something up that you once left to the side.  Simply short, Buddha in da haus is back.  & yes that means quality original content for your entertainlightainment everyday of the week twenty four seven is here. What sort of quality original content?  To answer it succinctly, the blog's editorial focus on its return is to be on the matters of the world that satisfy that editor's (me) itch for dope things.  A broad curation of all media & peculiar things that this planet & the vacuum of space around it spew out a daily basis.  From the finest works of humanity that showcase the brilliant creativity of man that he cultivates to create the simply amazing & to the awful (but you cna't help but stare) garbage & vomitus that you can find on places like Reddit's front page.  This is a catalog of all things striking, please enjoy.   』 

An aside if you may

『   A topic that berns my mind as of late though has been the American party nomination races.  Today is important & of course because of the Maine Caucus  At the day this post is published American Senator Bernie Sanders is contesting is the Maine Caucus against Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Presidential nomination race.  If you're of voting age & are a resident of Maine please participate in your civic duty.  #FeelTheBern.  If you need to know where to head to caucus please use this link Generally I want to not make this soapbox a politically branded one, but I feel that this election cycle is extremely noteworthy relative past ones in the last twenty to thirty years.  Even more so than Obama's initial 2008 election run.  There is real political empowerment of generally perceived  disenfranchised groups in both the Democrats & GOP.  I Look forward to Sanders contest today wish him success in his endeavour.   An aside with an aside: Trump is doing something quite special in up-heaving the  Republican establishment and potentially fracturing a party that has shown signs of decline since the Bush era and serious fragmentation in recent years, Tea Partiers et al.  A brazen populist & demagogue in the 21st century is absurd in itself but the man also talked about his dick on the silver screen.  I don't even; hah.  I digress though this post is needlessly more political than it should be.     


at any rate I predict I massive margin between
Sanders & Clinton ultimately to a strong Sanders victory electorally.

Sanders Clinton popular split
19/11 delegate split


『    Sanders will gain a larger share of the delegate count than expected in forecasts immediately preceding the Caucus.  A small boon for Sanders in regaining pace lost the Southern States. Where he needs to win each state form now on with more oomph where he does have a lean on to make up for lost delegates in Louisiana & Super Tuesday (Massachusetts  in particular)     

    Now it's quite late (relative to meactuality it's 7:23am PST as I strike these keys on my x220t) because I've stayed up all night furiously typing this post & getting work done for things elsewhere.  Thus, this is where I leave this post complete.    


  1. Wooohooo politics bro

  2. Sanders supporter here in Canada feeling the #Bern! No Maine, no gain!

  3. That pic by trying_to_care is definitely beautiful I just cant really puts words into why. Its so different, what kind of art style is it? Digital art yeah but psychedelic, spacey, funky weird lol???