Background of 3 swans on a lake at the cusp of dusk or dawn, that is an unknown among many other things of th universe.  The hues go from blue to indigo to purple to pink.

Welcome to the haus

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

smoking white devil

」oh... hahaha...「

『 Coming shortly the good dishes, starring munchies explorations, on the foot adventure, magic net culture. For now, don't free base your cocaine. Goodness gracious watch this vidijea. 』

Neither church... heh... say no to dope kids..! green is heaven bushes though.

Friday, 1 April 2011


」this is ridic「

『 The collective's gears have been slowed and ultimately ceased functioning however that will change. Because of time constraints no new material has been posted in the last three days! Apologies. An interim will be the posting of literally the best Sc2 related documentary created. Awesome posts to be made. 』

SlayerS_'BoxeR' :']