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Monday, 28 March 2011

procrastination poutine satisfaction

」i want horchata but there's only Vampire Weekend

『 This post should be about Sc2, but it's not. So, instead of that, today's post will feature the poutine that was consumed instead of creating the new post.

So today the crew and I went outside for a session on a cold winter-like but it's fucking spring day that had a sun blasting it's lazy ass rays for the first time in a while. We love poutines. We love poutines like the way a Canadian loves cream cheese in a sushi roll. [sounds weird? trust me it's nnnhhyyyoooooo maaa ggaaaawwwwddddd flavourious] After the customaries it was decided that a jerny to DQ would best satisfy our munchies. We weren't sure at all at what to get at DQ we just knew we had to get there and just consume. Upon arrival my eyes were fixated by the shining bright lights of the menu and the word POUTINE 3.79. And then ...


Pretty standard fast food joint poutine: Which is cheap fries + mass gravy + oh so good but fake processed cheese. It's not a fuck up of a fast food poutine like the New York Fries fare but closer in taste to the KFC poutine and greater than the A&W poutine. The generous amount of DQ gravy finds itself slathered all over the properly fried papas fritas resulting in a mmmmm satisfying mouth-flavour-dance. The cheese is okay as it has a rubbery texture but good taste that acquaints itself warmly with the gravy bathed fries. Overall, it'll satisfy a poutine craving but it's no means to end for one, leaving you jonesing for more. At 3.79 CAD it's not worth the amount you get and if you really want cheap and decent poutine you're better of making it yourself or moving to Quebec. 』

Here's some arbitrary figures:
Taste: 7.5 / 10 , Price: 5 / 10 , Design: 7 / 10 , Total: 19.5 / 30



enjoying local art with meal

Saturday, 26 March 2011


」We NEED focus!「

『 There's been an absent of posts on this blog and to rectify that a new one is coming shortly. As it's being furiously typed away please enjoy this video as a teaser to what the focus of the content of the next post will be. 』

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

apologizes, i speak no fob

」definitions, also click for accompanying 音乐

『 Do you know what is engrish?

Yes? Skip over this part to continue to the post.

No? Well, a quick google of engrish would bring you to a definition by wikipedia saying:

「 Engrish refers to non-standard variations of English used in East Asian countries. The term arose by replacing the L in English with an R, which is known as lallation, and is caused by the lack of a phoneme corresponding to the English L in Japanese. 」

Which I think it's pretty shitty definition and is no fun. Rather, for a better sense of the word and profanity skim over the urban dictionary definitions here and don't bother with the first few definitions it'll be the same as the wikipedia. The lower rated ones are a lot more in tune to how the collective believe engrish really means generally to the masses. Or... just more racist? huahuahua. 』


『 The point of this blog post is not to make you aware of the grammar mistakes asians so commonly do nor is it a medium as which for the collective to espouse its thoughts on engrish. Like people would care frankly nor is it that particularly fascinating a subject to even discuss. We's jus show you some images that are pretty engrishy and lawlol.

Monday, 21 March 2011

drank in a purple can

firstly, click for accompanying 音乐

『 Buddha in da haus, is a collective collection of all items that relate to the collective's interest; haus Buddhism aesthetics. It'll use big people words like pompous, display shitty grammar without shame, be subjectively prejudice「big people words again, see?」 and may or may not reflect the trueness of the collective. It's all for fun. 』

secondly, drank.

Okay, one can't help but to call this drink purple drank instead of just drank. The can design gives you a feel of something along the lines of, smooth soul jazz, black people, grape. Chiefly, with the slogan at the bottom "slow your roll".

Moreover, the taste of drank is a mix
Sprite + Bawls and a scent grape flavour, the carbonation is light as well, adding to the "relaxness" of the drink and reinforcing the feel of the can design and all the prejudices with it. I like it, it's refreshing quenches my thirst, good summer drink. As to whether it made me more mellow, mmmm, yeah. It did.

At $2.49 drank is a good grab if you have the cash or if you're running low on the green and need something go along with your munchies while you have a cotton plantation in your mouth.

Here's some arbitrary figures:
Taste: 9 /
10 , Price: 8 / 10 , Design: 8 / 10 , Total: 25 / 30

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