Background of 3 swans on a lake at the cusp of dusk or dawn, that is an unknown among many other things of th universe.  The hues go from blue to indigo to purple to pink.

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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Palate Cleansing Art Accoutrement Aside Set

」In an easy world a paracosm is made so today might not matter

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Morning Art Post

"Still WatersAcrylic on Canvas by Rob Gonsalves,, Magical Surrealism

*Note this rendition has been flipped upside down, to see the original click here

  Literal description: A mesmerizing work of magical realism of a scene of people working to lay tiles that reflect with great precision its obverse.   Beholders must look with a keen eye to understand what is taking place in “Still Waters”.  Useing water Gonsalves  parallel image are shown: a Château & her surroundings reflect upon a smooth blemish free plane.  Further sights are where a boat making not a single ripple quietly rests on the tiled surface; likewise a pair of swans behave much just the same.  Then, in the foreground, a small group works together to create an surreal masterwork of perception in their environs. With every mirror panel that is laid a new reflection is cast, showing each person that their experienced reality is a reflection of themselves & what they have made. A magical piece of acrylic strokes on canvas is a captivating reminder where every step we takes to the present & gives frame to our self idea of reality & how we construct it for ourselves. 

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『   A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.

- John Augustus Shedd   

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」subjective thoughts on Still Waters

     A piece that continually allures the eye where the canvas & visual cortex move to one another in waltz leaving the viewer gazes blissfully. Surrealistic art has always had a charm on me that I've remember as far back when I was a kid.  It's pure imagination & creation of another world often so stunningly done distilled by one mind for others to experience.  Art & great art oft is an amazing experience to feel; it tickles your mind in the right ways; opens the door for beautiful emotions; utliamtely expanding your mind even if a little bit in a new path. & for me this piece despite its relative tameness compared to other Gonsalves works visually & thematically, inspires such sentiments whenever I look upon it.   』 

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」you can purchase a Still Waters print here along with other Gonsalves work - that is non-referral link, fwiw/fyi

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     I have a good number of mildly lengthy political pieces coming out shortly in due quick succession.   Hence to cleanse your mental palate before I publish them all I thought this art post could serve well in that regard.   』 

 I'd like to apologize to my political followers.  I thought I would have my Flint Debate post ready Sunday evening even!  Though, I've been so busy in the last (it feels ^exponential that amount of work that's pilled on me) few days I haven't had time finish it.   As a concession my Maine Post-mortem post is due to be published within the next hour.  Check back to Buddha in da haus to read it. 

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  1. Woah, this hits my right in the back of my palate. Nice lawn dude.

    1. What lawn? The glass lawn in the painting or the grass lawn? The dainty pasture by the home is pleasing. That's my lawn.

  2. This is the first I've ever seen of Rob Gonsalves work and colour me impressed it's mind bending stuff

  3. Post more art!!