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Saturday, 26 March 2011


」We NEED focus!「

『 There's been an absent of posts on this blog and to rectify that a new one is coming shortly. As it's being furiously typed away please enjoy this video as a teaser to what the focus of the content of the next post will be. 』


  1. dude this is intense, have tones of friends who were up there with the pro's, just not me... lol

  2. Those Koreans are crazy about their Star Craft, man. I'll have to watch that video when I have the time.

    Cool stuff, looking forward to your next post if this is the focus of it. :)

  3. live your life

  4. I stand no chance against a korean.

  5. Friend of mine was in top 100 of australasian servers for Starcraft back in the day - Pretty huge feat...Until.. The Koreans came!

    Really though, its like their DNA is geared to it - So efficient and brutal!

    Following for more posts!

  6. More vespene gas is required! (and mt. dew)