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Monday, 21 March 2011

drank in a purple can

firstly, click for accompanying 音乐

『 Buddha in da haus, is a collective collection of all items that relate to the collective's interest; haus Buddhism aesthetics. It'll use big people words like pompous, display shitty grammar without shame, be subjectively prejudice「big people words again, see?」 and may or may not reflect the trueness of the collective. It's all for fun. 』

secondly, drank.

Okay, one can't help but to call this drink purple drank instead of just drank. The can design gives you a feel of something along the lines of, smooth soul jazz, black people, grape. Chiefly, with the slogan at the bottom "slow your roll".

Moreover, the taste of drank is a mix
Sprite + Bawls and a scent grape flavour, the carbonation is light as well, adding to the "relaxness" of the drink and reinforcing the feel of the can design and all the prejudices with it. I like it, it's refreshing quenches my thirst, good summer drink. As to whether it made me more mellow, mmmm, yeah. It did.

At $2.49 drank is a good grab if you have the cash or if you're running low on the green and need something go along with your munchies while you have a cotton plantation in your mouth.

Here's some arbitrary figures:
Taste: 9 /
10 , Price: 8 / 10 , Design: 8 / 10 , Total: 25 / 30

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  1. oh, hai, welcome to the internet

  2. Nice post! Followin

  3. great post. looking forward to reading your next one

  4. purple drank sounds great but the arbitrary numbers REALLY sold me

  5. I love these. They taste amazing.

  6. roll



  7. i actually saw this the other day at my local liquor store. i saw it and thought to myself

    "Drank? Seriously? In a PURPLE can?"

  8. @Asty you should, serious, it's good man.

  9. Haha, I wonder if it actually goes good with codeine cough syrup, though. I hear this stuff is packed with melatonin, the body's chemical that makes you sleepy when it becomes nighttime. I read there's a new trend of drinks that relax you instead of jack you up called anti-energy drinks (or something of that sort) and this is one of them.

    1. Neuroquila are you psychonaut?

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