Background of 3 swans on a lake at the cusp of dusk or dawn, that is an unknown among many other things of th universe.  The hues go from blue to indigo to purple to pink.

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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

smoking white devil

」oh... hahaha...「

『 Coming shortly the good dishes, starring munchies explorations, on the foot adventure, magic net culture. For now, don't free base your cocaine. Goodness gracious watch this vidijea. 』

Neither church... heh... say no to dope kids..! green is heaven bushes though.


  1. I can't really understand him. Lol

  2. @Laurent temptations to do a nonsensical post and get away with it while being all cool.. are impulsive temptations.

  3. I need cocaine in me D:

  4. Say nope to dope! Haha, nice parody vid.

  5. Haha amazing post. Really.